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Disclaimer: We do not necessarily endorse all that is said or presented on these sites. Please be discerning and be a Berean. In general, we do agree with the content and want you to be edified and informed.

Apologetics / Teaching:

withChrist -- A lot of information about our core beliefs as Pauline dispensationalists.

The Spurgeon Archives -- Spurgeon's original writings and sermons as well as contemporary articles about Spurgeon.

Monergism.com -- A wealth of articles concerning the historic Christian faith in defense of monergism as opposed to synergism.

Christian Research Net -- An informative site concerning the modern church. The focus is on the end times apostasy and all that that entails, including contemplative prayer, mysticism, Purpose Driven, ecumenism, etc.

Cross+Word -- Tricia Tillin's excellent site that helped us see the light concerning the Word of Faith Movement. Tricia also has tons of information on other subjects, including Prophets, Kingdom Now, and much more.


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